Bipash Basu: “Creature 3D is India’s first creature-feature”

Actress Bipasha Basu, who says her upcoming movie Creature 3D was a very tough experience, hopes that India will like the work of indigenous technicians.


Also starring Pakistani actor and model Imran Abbas, Creature 3D brings to Indian viewers a fresh genre of cinema.

Creature 3D is scheduled to be released on September 12. The horror-thriller drama is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Ahaana (character played by Bipasha Basu), fights a creature based on Indian mythology, as she converts from a vulnerable and lonely girl to a powerful woman.

“It is India’s first creature-feature. For an actor is all about reacting to a situation and who is in front of you. But for the first time there was no one in front of us so we had to imagine everything,” the lead actress Bipasha said.

“Shooting part was extremely difficult for the actors and the technicians. I hope we being Indians support the film because of the efforts put in by Indian technicians. The creativity is indigenous and the team is Indian, no foreigners,” she described her experience.

“They were shooting with 3D camera, which is completely different from the normal process. Post that there was 11 months of post-production where the creature was actually made. Every scale, every speck of saliva of the creature was imagined and created by Indian technicians. No foreigners,” the 35-year-old said.

According to actress, the storyline is India-centric and based on the concept of Brahma-Rakshas or demon spirits of Hindu mythology however if one were to consider the creature-generated from special effects-in isolation, the beast is much like those in the Western films.

“I will not compare the film as a whole, with the West, because the sensibilities are very different. The story line is India-centric but just the creature is very much like the West,” the actress said.

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