Big B Met Robert De Niro

Big B Met Robert De Niro

Big B Met Robert De Niro

It was an outstanding moment for Big B when he met Hollywood star Robert De Niro on November 8, 2013 at the ongoing THINK fest in Goa.

Big B met Robert De Niro and expressed his gratitude on twitter and wrote; “Just finished my conversation at THINK..exciting and exhilarating .. And in the audience Mr Robert DiNero!! (Stumped for words!).”

He also posted in his facebook page; “The presence of mine at Goa at the THINK Fest is indeed most honourable. This annual function and event invites the best from different walks of life to speak discuss and debate their ideas and points of view among some of the most interesting group of audiences .. AND … in the presence of Mr Robert DeNiro, nothing gets bigger than this .. Privileged to have him with us and to be able to spend some time in his presence.”

Big B met Robert De Niro who is one of the most iconic faces of Hollywood. He said it was a moment of immense pride.

“It is the THINK Fest that brings me here on invitation. An annual event which brings together many of the trusted and the learned, to share, to express their ideas and thoughts with those that travel from across the globe as audiences, including tonight at my discourse a certain Mr D’Niro of such universal fame that it was a moment of immense pride to find him seated before me,” he posted.

Mr. Bachchan was one of the speakers at the THINK festival in Goa. He shared anecdotes about his parents, his journey in Bollywood and his past struggles.

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