Battle: Los Angeles

In Battle Los Angeles meteors fire in the marine plenty of distance of the shoreline of  Los Angeles. Moments afterwards, people on beach see an odd alien like armed forces out from the ocean. Those aliens presented in Battle Los Angeles are horrible, they are really speedy, and they wipe out on location. Within a few moments they’re rip up the sun tanning population in order to portions and entering into the city of Santa Monica, In Battle Los Angeles Marine Sargent Nantz directs his new battalion against a stun encounter on Los Angeles, trying to save ordinary people of Santa Monica and break down the center of the enemy’s unexplainable power company, at the same time the same grand combats are fought across the globe throughout different places

The company Hydraulx also worked for Skyline In August 2010 does the visual effects of Battle Los Angeles

The other name of Battle Los Angeles is World Invasion for viewers away from United States. Although the attack was all over the world, but Battle Los Angeles concentrates upon the particular activities in Los Angeles.

Release date of Battle Los Angeles: 11th March 2011

Director of Battle Los Angeles: Jonathan Liebesman

Cast of Battle Los Angeles: Aaron Eckhart , Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Pena, BridgetMoynahan, Gabourey Sidibe, Ne-Yo

Distributors of Battle Los Angeles: Sony Pictures



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