Australian cricketer warned over illegal drugs at party

One of Australia’s leading cricketers has been given an unofficial warning after confessing he mixed in social circles which involved drug.

As per the Australian, the player didn’t test positive for the drug and Cricket Australia hadn’t banned him. The player was counselled after the incident – which happened in 2011 – and alcohol was also involved.

It’s believed the player confessed his involvement after he was facing the drug allegations. But since his counselling there’s been no substantial problems. It’s understood that CA worked on the allegations after the player’s social actions set off alarm bells. Yesterday, CA turned down to make a comment. No present Australian cricketers have tested positive for illegal drugs. But in 2003, Shane Warne was sent home from the World Cup after testing positive for a prohibited diuretic.

Although Shane Warne said he didn’t know Moduretic (the prescription drug) was banned, he was found responsible for breaking the drug code and was prohibited for one year.

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