Armaan Jain: “I’ve never been in a relationship”

Film industry’s another addition from Kapoor family – Actor Armaan Jain is going to deliver his debut film soon.

The actor confesses that he has never been in a relationship, perhaps due to his weight!

The grandson of late actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor is set to make his acting debut with Arif Ali’s directorial ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ and said that girls were probably not attracted to him as he was fat.


I’ve never had a girlfriend. It sounds very funny but I haven’t. I don’t know why. It was probably because I was around 95 kilos, so no one probably looked at me. After that also, all the girls I knew made me their brother. They tied me rakhi,” he said.

“And I started working very young. I was focused. I didn’t have time to go out also,” he added.

Armaan had assisted filmmaker Karan Johar when he was a teenager.

If not for girlfriend’s sake, the son of investment banker Manoj Jain and Raj Kapoor’s daughter Rima, chose to cut down on fat to become an actor.

I was really fat. I wanted to pursue acting. I realised that I had to stop eating at some point and get serious with gymming and diet,” said the actor, who loves football.

Armaan, who left business management course midway to build a career in Bollywood, says his weight fluctuates often.

Before going to college I had lost weight. I put on 12 kg again and then I lost again. It’s been going up and down. My lowest was 66 kg. I put on weight and then I lose,” he said.

It’s like music. I have personal best after every two weeks. My favourite was Khalifa and now it’s Mawwali Gawwali. My weight fluctuates every week,” he added.

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