Are Anushka Sharma and Suresh Raina dating?

Anushka Sharma and Indian cricketer Suresh Raina reportedly get along like house on fire. Speculation are abuzz that Anushka and Suresh are dating each other.

If sources are to be thought, Anushka Sharma and attacking Suresh Raina are more than only ‘good friends’. The pair apparently met in London for the first occasion when the Indian squad was touring England. Since then, the pair keep gathering up and hanging around whenever they get time. Though the buddies of Anushka and Raina agree that the 2 share a fantastic chemistry, they’re unwilling to comment on their romantic relationship.

Anushka and Suresh Raina have so far kept silence and have not looked jointly on any social occasions. Considering Anushka and Raina, we can be certain that if there’s any fact to the story, the couple will not make any try to cover their connection.

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