Arch-rivals Apple and Samsung to reunite for iPhone 6, Galaxy S4?

In contrast to Steve Jobs who in the past declared thermonuclear war against Google’s Android, Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently has a different view, and at the same time, reportedly never desired to sue Samsung in the 1st place over different patents and copyright violation.

As everyone knows, Apple and Samsung are both renowned for their lawsuits in several areas which outcome still unresolved.Tim Cook mentioned that he isn’t interested in suing Samsung, as the South Korean giant is among the main component suppliers for iPhone and iPad. For Samsung, Apple is being viewed as more than a client. The most valuable technology company holds numerous crucial patents particularly for smartphones and tablets with touch based functions. For future releases like Samsung Galaxy S4 and the next iPhone, the association is key.

Now that there’s a good progress between Tim Cook and Samsung, did both companies fix their issues off the court, and are ready to license patents and copyrights to one and another? Time will tell.

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