Apple will sell 250 million iPhone 5 units

Asymco says that Apple will sell 250 million iPhone 5 units, based on the company’s theory that each new iPhone sells equal to all earlier generations combined. Apple’s strategy of sales forecasting was detailed in court during the Apple vs. Samsung case.

Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller, whilst under oath, claimed: ‘each new generation sold around equal to all previous generations combined.’  If this particular trend holds true, says Asymco, it’ll mean that Apple should sell approximately 150 million iPhone 5 units. Case in point: Apple’s iPhone 3G out-sold the first iPhone by the power four. The iPhone 4 also outsold the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS jointly, further illustrating the trend.

‘The iPhone4S is only half way through beating the 4+3GS+3G+original – assuming the present quarter’s sales around equal the previous quarter’s, the total for 4S will reach two thirds of the amount of the last generations (around 100 million) by the end of Sept,’ said Asymco’s Horace Dediu. That’s still a significant way behind the forecasted 250 million devices. But should the iPhone 5 stay in production for as long as the iPhone 3GS then did thinks Apple to hit the 200 million mark.

Should Apple change its technique with the iPhone 5 and seek to safe more market penetration, perhaps with an inexpensive mobile phone, then it could very easily maintain its 100 % rate of growth, as per the report. The iPhone 5 is likely to release on Sept 12 with a launch date some time in October.

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