Apple to remove YouTube application from iPhone, iPad

The clash between Apple and Google just got a little wider. On Monday, Apple launched a trial version of its coming iOS 6 operating-system, which powers iPads and iPhones, and designers immediately realized that the YouTube application was missing from its lineup of built-in apps.

The change was significant because Apple has included the YouTube app with iOS since it launched the original iPhone in 2007. Its disappearance looked to chill any remnants of the warmth that once existed between Apple and Google, which owns YouTube.

Apple said in a statement that “our license to include the YouTube application in iOS has expired.” It added that users of its devices would be able to use their Internet browsers to view YouTube videos, and that Google was focusing on a new YouTube app that would be available through the Apple App Store.

In reply, YouTube released a statement: “We are working with Apple to make sure we’ve the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users.”

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