Apple sues Motorola over Qualcomm patent license

Reuters reports that Apple has registered a case against Motorola Mobility claiming that Motorola has breached a licensing deal with Qualcomm in its efforts to have a lots of Apple’s iOS units blocked from sale in Germany. After a December victory by Motorola in a German court, Apple a week ago briefly pulled all 3G enabled products with the exception of the Apple iPhone 4S from its German online shop. They’re restored within a couple of hours after the injunction was stopped.

Today’s law suit particularly addresses the iPhone 4S, which Motorola has also been trying to block in Germany and other places. The iPhone 4S utilizes Qualcomm’s MDM6610 baseband chip, and Apple claims that Qualcomm’s patent license along with Motorola exhausts Motorola’s rights to more royalties from Apple. Apple has raised this concern before, perhaps especially in protecting itself against Samsung in Australia where it similarly declared that Apple is covered from attacks based on these patents associated with core cellular technologies by virtue of Qualcomm’s licensing deals.

Motorola and Samsung have could not agree with Apple on that front, and Apple is now pressing the issue with a claim of its own specifically addressing the matter as it relates to Motorola’s campaigns in Germany.

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