Apple says Samsung copied ‘every element’ of iPhone

A legal representative for Apple told jurors on Tuesday that internal Samsung documents reveal that the company made a specific decision to copy the iPhone because it couldn’t compete in the smart phone market on its own.

The allegation came in opening statements in the high-profile US court fight between Apple and Samsung. The world’s biggest consumer electronics corporations have been fighting a legal war all over the world, blaming each other of patent violations as they vie for supremacy in the fast-growing market for cellular devices.

Harold McElhinny, the legal representative for Apple, showed slides of old Samsung phones from 2006 and compared them with the firm’s 2010 mobile phones. The key question, McElhinny said, would be how Samsung shifted from the old mobile phones to “these phones”.

“As everyone knows it’s simpler to copy than innovate,” he informed the court. “Apple had already taken the risks.”

Samsung’s initial statement is predicted to begin with later on Tuesday.

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