Apple Preparing to Start iPhone 5S Production

As per the Wall Street Journal, Apple is allegedly preparing to start production on the iPhone 5S with an eye on a potential summer launch for the gadget.

Sources apparently associated with the device’s production informed the Journal that an upgrade to the present iPhone 5 – similar in scope to the 4S’s changes on the 4 – was in the works though details regarding the 5S’s potential specs weren’t presented at the time.

Apple has thus far refused to talk about the speculation though there has been a few rumors about an August launch for the iPhone 5S for some time. It is also said that Apple is wanting to release the next model of its operating system between 2013, leading some to think that the 5S might be the leading device for the new iOS.

Given that Apple has currently been pressurized to meet the pace set by its rivals along with rapid fire product launches, it is likely that the company will desire to get a new product into the public eye sooner rather than later.

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