Apple may launch an iPhone mini priced under $250

The most recent Apple rumor to surface indicates the company is likely to launch a budget model of the well-known iPhone phone called iPhone mini. Such a rumor would’ve easily been squashed previously but since Cupertino launched a smaller and more cost-effective model of the iPad late recently, is the thought of a less expensive iPhone really that farfetched today?

The concept behind a smaller iPhone is simple – make it less expensive which in turn will open it up to a bigger user base. It’s no secret that Samsung is winning the proverbial smartphone fight as current data shows the Korean giant is predicted to account for 1 / 3 of all smartphones sold this season. Apple’s iPhone, however, is predicted to capture 21 % of the market, just a single percentage point over last season.

Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics told CNET that he thinks Apple will release an iPhone mini at some point within the next 36 months to focus on prepaid consumers that can’t afford the present iPhone.

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