Apple loses German court judgment against Samsung in patent suit

Apple suffered a patent suit issue in a German court, which ruled that Samsung and Motorola hadn’t infringed on technology relevant to touch screen functions. The judgment should calm experts, who feared that it might have significant effects for the bigger smartphone industry if Apple had prevailed, as per Reuters.

The particular technology is utilized in numerous Android apps, and Apple’s legal challenge could’ve affected several smartphone companies using the Google software. Samsung mentioned in a statement it welcomed the judgment, while Apple refused to comment. The regional court in Mannheim, Germany, made a decision the smartphone software used by Samsung and Motorola was different from Apple’s trademarked touch-screen functions.

The patent suit focused on a touch screen function vital to several smartphone apps which allows touchscreens to sense multiple touches at the same time, as per the Wall Street Journal. The example noted was when 2 fingers are pressed simultaneously on various points on the smartphone’s screen.

Smartphone companies have utilized the German courts for latest patent battles–a Munich judge ruled a week ago that Motorola had infringed Apple’s overscroll bounce technology patent-because to the German judicial system has proved  to be faster at reaching a decision and cheaper than in other areas, reported Reuters.

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