Apple likely to launch iPhone Mini in 2014

Apple, returning the offensive from Samsung, could reveal a smaller, less costly ‘iPhone Mini’ next season to get share of the market by targeting demand from customers of lower-end Smartphones, Strategy Analytics said.

Brian J White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, on Wednesday also raised the chance that Apple may launch a smaller and lower-priced iPhone – the iPhone Mini – to further penetrate markets like India and China.

White said in a claim that he believed Apple will introduce the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, in May or June, and offer more possibilities in screen sizes. This would finally open up the chance for the iPhone Mini, he said. Apple may introduce the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, in May or June opening up the chance for the iPhone Mini. But Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, mentioned the iPhone Mini wasn’t likely to hit the market until after this season.

“We think Apple will have to launch an ‘iPhone Mini‘ at some point over the next 36 months to address the millions of prepaid customers globally that can’t afford the present iPhone,” he said.

“The iPhone 5 is growing quickly and profitably currently, so there is a small incentive for Apple to introduce an ‘iPhone Mini’ this season. “We hope the iPhone Mini to be more likely the coming year, in 2014 when … Apple will be forced to find out new progress streams,” he said.




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