Apple is already testing the next generation iPhone

It seems like the iPhone 5 just arrived, but Apple is hard at work on the iPhone 6 – or iPhone 5S if that’s what they’re gonna call it. Starting the new season off, designers have already seen proof that Apple is examining the new Gen iPhone and is 7.

The Next Web has talked to several designers who’ve shown them references to a brand new iPhone and is 7 being tested. Developers’ logs reveal that Apple has been examining new hardware that carries a ‘iPhone6,1’ identifier. The iPhone 5 carries an identifier that’s either ‘iPhone5,1’ or ‘iPhone5,2’ based on the LTE design of the iPhone and which 4G bands it works on.

Along with the iPhone 6 being examined, it’s operating iOS 7 which Apple isn’t predicted to launch until mid-2013. The iOS 7 sources have started appearing much earlier compared to iOS 6 sources we saw recently. iOS 6 didn’t start showing in statistics until a month before it’s released at WWDC.

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