Apple’s iPhone sales drop to 8.3m in US

Apple, the globe’s most valuable company, sold 8.34 million iPhones in the USA in its current quarter, less than the previous 2 periods, as per a court filing in its trial against Samsung Electronics.

US sales accounted for 32 % of the 26 million Smartphones it sold globally in the quarter ended on June 30, as per an exhibit in a court filing on Friday in federal court in San Jose, California. Apple, which is suing Samsung for patent violation, had not previously given a geographic breakdown of the sales of its largest product by country. The fiscal third-quarter total for the US compares to 10.7 million iPhones sold in the preceding 3 months and the record 15 million sold in the last 3 months of 2011, the filing showed. The sequential drop is in line with a slowdown seen before in iPhone sales ahead of the launch of a new model.

Apple sold 5.7 million iPads in its home market in the most recent quarter, 34 % of the total of 17 million of the tablet units it sold globally, the court filing also showed. The trial between Apple and Samsung is the 1st before an American jury in a battle being waged on 4 continents for dominance in a Smartphone market valued by Bloomberg Industries at $219.1 billion.

Each company is attempting to convince jurors at the trial that the other infringed patents covering designs and technology. Apple shares were little changed at $621.70 at the close in New York, and are up 54 % this season.

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