Apple iPhone owners biggest data consumers

iPhone users sure love their data. In fact, they’re responsible for a huge 80 % of the top 10 % of heaviest data users, a report from Analysys Mason finds. Of those smart phone users who’re in at least the 70th percentile of data usage, iPhone owners appear more than three times as frequently as HTC consumers with Android operating systems, the 2nd biggest data hogs, as per the report.

Large data usage, the report finds, has skewed normal smart phone data traffic levels. “Based on our study, this high usage at the top end of the member list means that normal monthly smart phone data traffic levels – which stood at 807MB monthly for our panel – are 3.5 times greater than median data traffic levels produced by individual users (221 MB monthly),” Analysys Mason mentioned.

The survey is based on data derived from an on-device checking application that provided access to the smart phone behavior of around 1,000 panelist for 2 months in America, Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

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