Apple iPhone 5 battery issues could prompt Sept launch

More rumours on the upcoming iPhone to keep all those iPhone 5 hungry iOS faithful at bay today, in the form of a rumour that one of Apple’s supplies could be experiencing issues supplying the battery for the forthcoming new iOS smart phone, as the batteries aren’t up to Apple standards.

As per an article over on Apple Insider, Topeka Capital Markets expert Brian White discovered an article on Chinese web site Sina, from where these claims stem, and White discussed a note to investors with Apple Insider, with the report saying that just 30 % of battery volumes presently hit Apple’s standards. Reportedly, the battery supplier, which remains un-named, is presently trying to fix the battery problem whilst development of the upcoming iPhone, which is presently being called the iPhone 5 ramps up for an expected launch later in the yr.

A different rumour found by the same expert that originates from, apparently report that the upcoming iPhone could see launch by Apple by the end of August; however, White still maintains he feels Apple will launch the iPhone 5 sometime in June, indicating that if there’s a battery issue then they confidence that Apple will fix the issue in time for that Sept launch.

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