Apple iPad Mini to launch in October

Apple’s rumored iPad Mini tablet is to debut in October, a month after it presents to the public its next iPhone Smartphone, a technology site reported over the weekend.

The 2 products will each get an individual moment in the spotlight, as per AllThingsD, with the next iPhone widely tipped to arrive on Sept 12 while the smaller edition of the iPad will apparently be launched in October.

It’s not the 1st we’ve heard of separate unveils. Chatter a week ago around earlier speculation that both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini would be shown off at the same occasion was shot down by famous insider John Gruber, who argued that Apple would never dilute its PR Mojo by combining the two.

Apple turned down to reply to this latest batch of talk, but as per unnamed insiders the company is on track for an October event which will see a new tablet debut. Features are not clear, though it’s believed to have a 7.85-inch touch screen, which would put it in the mid-point between the present 3.5-inch iPhone and the 9.7-inch iPad.

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