Apple has lawful fight with Nokia

The many legal issues between Apple and Nokia have taken a step forward today, with Apple winning a limited motion in the proceedings. The companies are both moving forward with statements that each company has infringed on relevant patens to technologies in use today. The motion, which was rewarded not long ago, means that the proceedings will be transferred from the Western District of Wisconsin, to the District of Delaware.

The switch means that this court will now see the proceedings between three lawsuits between Apple and Nokia. It wasn’t easy for Apple to win the motion, though, as Nokia’s lawyers challenged the motion to move it to the District of Delaware, citing that it could postpone the rulings from Wisconsin by up to a year and a half. However, it’s been mentioned that Apple was successful in the process because the other filings in the District of Delaware, and the filing that was originally in the Western District of Wisconsin were related.

The process is still on going, and there’s no informing how long they will go on.

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