Apple files claim against Motorola with EC

Apple registered a case against Motorola Mobility with the European Commission, blaming the company of breaking a pledge to license industry-standard patents on fair terms.

Motorola explained in a regulatory submitting that it was notified of the issue by the EC. Apple and Motorola Mobility have charged each other in the United states and Europe over technology used in smart phones.

Motorola Mobility won 2 out of 3 rulings in cases it submitted against Apple in a Mannheim, Germany, court, and in 1 claim forced Apple to remove several older iPhone and iPad designs from its online shop in Germany. Motorola, which has claimed it has been in licensing discussions with Apple since 2007, rejected the charge that it is not respecting FRAND rules.

“MMI has a long-standing process of licensing our patents on fair, fair and non-discriminatory rules and we offered those to Apple,” Erickson claimed. The EC is already checking out similar claims against Samsung.

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