Apple drops 4G iPad tag in Australia

Apple company has bowed to pressure from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and regulators in other locations around the world, dropping the “4G” tag from its latest iPad product. As first picked up by 9to5Mac, Apple has changed the name for the latest cellular design of the iPad from “Wi-Fi + 4G” to “Wi-Fi + Cellular”.

The ACCC took Apple to court recently after the launch of the new iPad, because although the the gadget works with LTE or “4G” networks in the United States that operate in the 2100MHz or 700MHz spectrum bands, it’s not works with Australia’s 4G networks presently deployed in the 1800MHz spectrum band. Apple initially admitted that the latest iPad wouldn’t work on Australia’s LTE networks, issuing corrective promotion on its web site and in-store, and offering to refund buyers who had felt fooled by the 4G tag.

The ACCC went further and wanted Apple to remove the 4G tag from the product, but Apple opposed, arguing that Australia’s HSDPA+ 3G networks could technically be referred to as 4G networks. As per 9to5Mac, the change has only occurred in the last couple of days and has impacted the Apple stores in Australia, New Zealand, the Britain, the US, Canada, the UAE , Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

The full hearing for the ACCC’s lawsuit against Apple is planned to go ahead in June.

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