Andy Flower bans English cricketers from tweeting about Ashes

Andy FlowerEnglish head coach Andy Flower has banned England`s players from open public talks about the Ashes until next month. The cricketers will face disciplinary actions if they talk in interviews or write on Twitter about the two-Test series against Australia.

Sources revealed that Andy Flower wants the players to concentrate on New Zealand series and the ICC Champions Trophy instead of getting involved in the press discussions regarding the Ashes. As per the report, Andy Flower`s ban on the cricketers began when England was on tour in New Zealand and he threatened to reprimand them if they disobey his order.

The report claimed that Flower feared that the players are in threat of being distracted by more glamorous projects before the New Zealand series or will make awkward statements about Australia ahead of the Ashes, the main sporting event in the calendar.

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