Alleged budget iPhone Gets Pictured Next To iPhone 5

Over the past few weeks, leaked pictures of Apple’s claimed budget iPhone, which recent speculation is called the iPhone Light, and now Japanese magazine, Weekly ASCII, it seems that they’ve succeeded to get their hands on the leaked parts as well, the back plate to be specific, and they’ve compared the back plate to that of the iPhone 5, showing a comparison picture between the budget iPhone and Apple’s existing leading phone.


In terms of size it looks that both units appear to be pretty much similar, with the major difference between that the volume and mute switches are more oblong, compared to the iPhone 5 where the volume changes are circular in general. More photographs found in Weekly ASCII also shows off the screw hole layout which is apparently much like that of the iPhone 5S, showing that perhaps both the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone could share similar logic board layouts.

There’s no way of showing if this back plate is the real thing, but it surely does seem very similar to the earlier leaks.

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