All is not well between Shahrukh and Arjun Rampal!

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is very annoyed with one of Arjun Rampal’s former publicists for interfering into the movie’s campaigns when this company had nothing to do with the film. The fall-out seems to be clear as per sources even as Arjun’s view in Ra.One is reported to be a ‘closely guarded secret’.

“Arjun might not be careful that one of his publicists who was working separately for him attempted to develop excitement about him in Ra.One, when Shah Rukh was himself looking after the advertising campaigns and marketing of the movie. The tactic had began going unsuitable as a lot of articles about Arjun, his look and his character began appearing without any understanding of the team that was marketing Ra.One,” says a source.

“Arjun instantly found everybody questioning him a lot about Ra.One and he attempted to answer them too. But he was never prepared about the actions of his own publicist. In the bargain, the advertisements of Ra.One were getting affected,” the source adds indicating that the publicist is probably not on Arjun’s payroll anymore after the chalking out the bad tactic.

Shahrukh is very certain about promotion, when it comes to his movie. He does not want any foolish PR person to damage the film’s prospects on his own. Moreover, this PR person did not bother to verify with the Ra.One staff even once. Whatever is happening to Arjun right now is because of the doing of his personal PR person,” the origin adds.

Arjun also in an before dialogue accepted that he’s alert that his look and character in the movie was supposed to be a closely guarded one since he is the key villain of the movie.

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