Aishwarya snubbed by Speedy Singhs director

Aishwarya Rai was currently snubbed by Speedy Singh actor Russell Peters, who while talking about Aishwarya’s acting talents said, “She hasn’t turn into a better actor. She’s still attractive, isn’t that good enough?”

Aishwarya Rai, who’s seen playing a loving jerk in Akshay Kumar’s Speedy Singhs is famous for his humorous quotes and sense of comedy. While talking with a top newspaper about Aishwarya Rai, he said that she still didn’t understand to act. Commenting on her pregnant state, Russell Peters joked, “Oh good job Abhishek, you eventually knocked her up!”

Peters, who was last spotted in Jake Gyllenhaal starrer Source Code says that he’d never act in Bollywood movies as he isn’t comfortable doing anything he isn’t confident about.Talking about Bollywood films, Russell Peters said, “I’ve never watched one. I tried seeing Singh Is Kinng because Akshay is in it. But the minute the very first track began, I changed the tv channel.

Peters, who thinks about India to be his home intends to go back to the country next yr for his stand-up visit.

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