Aamir Khan Interested To Read History of Cinema

Mr. perfectionist Aamir Khan, who recently attended the launch of Biren Kothari’s book “Sagar Movietone”, says he is interested to read the history of cinema.


I am interested in history, especially film history. I feel that in India we don’t record history, biographies as much as we should. I love reading and I miss that,” he told reporters there.

As film personalities we all should know and learn what happened when films were made in the past. Like what sort of discussions were there, the challenges and issues. I want to know about them,” Aamir added.

He said he is happy about the launch of this book.

As a student of cinema I am happy a book like this is coming out. I used to tell Naseer uncle to write a book, write your experiences for us to know what you went through. But he did not write it,” he added.

According to Aamir, the book is an essential read as it is about the period of 1930s when sound technology had just begun.

He said in a statement; “I think someone who is enthusiastic about cinema should read it. I would love to read this book. This is our history, starting of the film industry and people who started it. So it is an important piece of work and should be read.”

See Photos of Aamir Khan among Other Celebs At Sagar Movietone Book Launch

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