Aamir Khan And Kiran Rao Keen To Donate Organs

The Bollywood filmmaker Kiran Rao has taken a pledge to donate her organs. She reveals that her filmmaker-actor husband Aamir Khan is also keen to follow her footsteps.

Kiran was at an organ donation camp on an occasion along with Ship Of Theseus director Anand Gandhi where he said, “Aamir is definitely keen to donate his organs as well,


Kiran feels that the film Ship Of Theseus spreads the message beautifully.

If anyone has seen the film (Ship Of Theseus), I hope they will definitely be convinced that it’s the most beautiful and most logical thing to do” she added.

Kiran would try her best to encourage the members of the film fraternity, family and friends to go in for organ donation.

Anyone I will meet, I will definitely discuss it with them. I am not necessarily going to call up the celebrities, tell them and convince them of this cause.” She said.

I don’t know whether it is going to be easy for me to talk to all the celebrities and become the ambassador for this (organ donation). I am happy to try, but certainly I would like to encourage friends in the fraternity, people I know and definitely my family to donate their organs” she further added.

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