“RIO” upcoming Hollywood movie

The nerdy macaw belongs from a very smallish city Minnesota takes off for a venture to Rio de Janeiro.

That is set in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro as well as the incomparable rainforest of Brazil; the humorous journey focuses on Blu, an infrequent macaw who believes that he is the only remaining of his type. When Blu finds out there is another and that the other one is a she, Blu foliage the luxuries of his cage in very small town Minnesota and moves to Rio. But it is far away from love at first sight among the tamed and flight inhibited Blu and the very self-sufficient, highflying feminine, Jewel. Suddenly chucked with each other, they begin a journey of a life span, where both analyze friendship, adore, daring, and becoming offered to life’s numerous wonders. Rio movie is by the producers of the “Ice Age” movies.

Cast of RIO: Anne HathawayJewel (voice), Neil Patrick HarrisRodrigo Santoro, George Lopez , Bobo the Toucan (voice), Jake T. Austin … Fernando (voice)

RIO in cinemas: April 15, 2011

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I hope you will enjoy allot the 3D animated movie  RIO

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