Would You Spend $38,000 for a Gold iPhone Case?

When measured against other smartphones, the normal cost of Apple’s iPhone already makes it luxuries item in most countries. But that hasn’t quit designers from providing even more luxurious iPhone cases with eye-popping prices.


The most recent entry is the Koku, a bedazzled case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, which comes in both gold and silver designs. The gold case is fitted out with over 200 diamonds and sells for 3,776,000 Japanese yen, or more than $38,500.

Though the cases are at present sold only in Japan, the president of the Japanese jewelry firm that makes them states he expects to start selling them it world-wide.

“Since iPhone is marketed globally, we’d like to promote these outside Japan as well in future,” Yutaro Akiyama, of Akiyama Co., said the Journal.

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