Woman Buys $1,300 Worth Of iPhones, Receives Apples Instead

A woman in Australia picked up a few iPhones after she posted an ad on a website, only to learn after dropping $1,300 for what she believed were 2 iPhones, ended up with a few boxes with one apple each inside. The Herald Sun revealed that the core of a contract was reached between the woman and another woman who called her after looking at the advertisement.


Having arranged to meet up at a McDonald’s in the Sunnybank suburb of Brisbane, the customer passed AUD$1,500 Australian (roughly $1,336), but she didn’t check the contents of her box, just to know that she found an apple in each box. Of course, there’s always the “buyer beware” rule being thrown about whenever one buys something online, and the literal apples in the boxes added a little irony to the whole scenario.

They must not have been high quality apples either, thinking about how there’s not a whiff of apple smell to give the game away. Remember, next time you buy something from somebody, opens up the box in the presence to ensure the material before parting with your money. Even better yet, always purchase from reliable channels and certified retailers.

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