Walmart cuts iPad Mini prices

Mother’s Day weekend presents is getting more attractive thanks to Walmart. The big box store just slash rates on both the 16GB iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. The retailer decreased the rates of both models by $30. The 16GB iPad Mini is now $269 while the iPad Mini with Retina Display is now $369.

iPad Mini

The price is honored both in stores and online. The only versions Walmart knocked down the price on are the 16GB WiFi models, all other versions, such as the LTE iPad Mini is still sitting at regular market price. With Apple usually bundling gift cards with their products, not too often are stores allowed to offer discount rates. Apple takes an aggressive pricing strategy and hardly ever deviates from it.

Telling though, is that the iPad Mini is being reduced as opposed to the iPad Air. This suggests, at least at Walmart, that the iPad Air is the inferior seller. Now is your opportunity to go get a brand new iPad and a reduced price.

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