UAE iPhone customers calling for zero cost

People of United Arab Emirates could possibly make telephone calls one to the other totally free simply because Apple Iphone customers in the United Arab Emirates could make telephone calls to one another for at no cost, while using Viber program that operates via many of data or wire less Online links given by firms in the United Arab Emirates.

This latest software, available from the Apple shop, allows phone calls on both amounts – local and international voice over net protocol – for apple iphone users through the automatic identification of contact of devices that use Viber.

CCO told that , “Several of the voice communication applications that are well-liked by users of the apple iphone don’t conflict with the laws governing the telecoms sector in the United Arab Emirates .”

He said this laws allows use of VOIP from apple iphone to iphone. It is voice communication from one iphone to other types of cellphones and land lines that’s banned.

He denied any kind of impact of such Voice over internet protocol programs on the company’s income.

Farid Faraidooni explained that lastly this kind of calls are performed through the use of the information deals given by the company to it’s customers.

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