Toshiba Introduce 14″ Mobile LCD Monitor

Toshiba 14 inches USB LCD Monitor (1)Toshiba Company has announced the latest USB LCD Monitor will only operated by an USB interface. This Toshiba monitor has 14Liquid crystal display screen features a image resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. Its mobility in addition to low supply current allows outstanding specialized efficiency. In addition the particular 16 millisecond invigorate rate is sufficient to make any one satisfied.

The Toshiba UBS LCD Monitor is actually 100% suitable for Windows 7, Vista, as well as Windows XP and all you require for Toshiba UBS LCD Monitor is a single USB cable for power & data exchange no extra trying to find a spare electric outlet or even over-loading your existing surge protector. And if you have got to chain yourself to an outlet, Toshiba gives you an optional AC adapter in addition.

When I said that Toshiba LCD is mobile, I was not joking. Its weight is 2.8 pounds.

Toshiba USB LCD Monitor Images


Video for Toshiba USB LCD Monitor


Price for Toshiba USB LCD Monitor

We have currently observed many particularly portable secondary displays first showed this season but Toshiba’s new Mobile LCD model is undoubtedly one of the most amazing because Toshiba USB LCD Monitor price is only U.S 200 dollars 


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