The new Apple iPad reportedly has a heat issue

As per a Next Web report, the new 3rd generation Apple iPad – which hit the markets on March 16 – reportedly has a heat issue for a few select buyers; with the issue seemingly linked with a hot-spot in the tablet’s lower left area.

However the 1st and 2nd generation apple ipads also had to face a few heat problems, the report has disclosed that the problem is probably more challenging in the latest iPad because, for the most affected buyers, the tablet not just shuts down because of heating, but a msg also pops up, telling “the iPad needs to cool-down.”

Even though this kind of cases of the latest iPad turning off as a cooling mechanism are extremely uncommon, among the tablet’s owners has disclosed that the key issue was connected to the use of the unit in direct sunlight — a problem which normally affects of the other electronic gadgets too.

With a few of the unverified reports, on the latest iPad’s release day itself, noting that the latest tablet can get somewhat toasty – more so as, quite like the other iOS mobile units, the device doesn’t have a fan -, as it integrates a supposedly larger processor and a larger battery than its predecessors.

Attributing the heat problem of the latest iPad – which formally identifies an operating temperature range of between 32 degrees to 95 degrees F – to the device’s battery, a staffer at a suburban Apple store in L . A . has apparently established that the latest iPad tends to get warmer than the apple ipad 2.

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