Synaptics reaches $475 million buyout deal with iPhone display chip supplier

Synaptics Inc. has reached an agreement to purchase iPhone display chip manufacturer Renesas after talks on a possible deal between Renesas and Apple fell through, Reuters reports. Synaptic is an ex- Apple dealer, but now provides parts for rival Samsung’s leading Smartphones.


Analysts anticipate that Synaptics will integrate its own touchscreen technology with the display chips developed by Renesas to cut production expenses and produce an all-in-one solution that is presently unmatched in the market. That could be great news for Apple, who will presumably continue sourcing its iPhone display chips from Renesas after the agreement is completed. While it would likely have been a much better agreement for Apple to simply get Renesas and do everything in-house, Synaptics is now in a strong position to get back Cupertino’s business.

Synaptics has recently been toying with the technology to put a Touch ID-like sensor directly behind smartphone displays, eliminating the require for a dedicated sensor in the home button. Should the firm manage to get back into business with Apple, that technology could finally make its way into a future iPhone design.

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