Supposed iPhone 6 parts pictured showing larger display

Recently it looks like Apple cannot make anything without a couple of model cases leaking into public view, and now seeing photos of what could be iPhone 6. Published by a Twitter member and addressed to a number of  websites, the “iPhone 6” shells look extremely close to present models, but are slimmer and have space for a bigger edge to edge-style screen, which has been said before.

Supposed iPhone 6

Sonny Dickson, who has earlier received iPhone and iPad parts prior to the release of new devices, has also reportedly obtained the same images and says MacRumors they came from a source in China. According to the reports, MacRumors says the parts here are 2.6-inches large, as opposed to the iPhone 5s which is 2.31 inches. check out a few more pictures for yourself after the break.

A few reports have indicated that Apple will disclose 2 iPhone models – one with 4.7” display and one with a screen bigger than 5″ in size.

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