Super-Thin iPhone 6 on September 19 Release Date Confirmed: Reports

The iPhone 6 on launch date this 2014 is likely the thinnest ever that Apple will develop as fresh hints surfaced that point to the display panel features of the device plus its overall make. From China, the iPhone manufacturer is reportedly changing to a single brightness enhancement film (BEF) that serves as the backlight tool for the next iPhone display panel. Apple will use a top quality element to offset the loss of the dual BEF that was in earlier iPhone versions, MacRumors said in a report.

alleged iphone 6

But with the change, it is suggested to that Apple may encounter yield issues as the higher quality BEF takes more time to produce. It is also not clear in the report if this issue will impact on the supposed iPhone 6 availability in Sept this season. What is clear, the report said, is one BEF firing up the iPhone 6 display panel will allow engineers to more reduce the device’s width, which is in line with swirling rumors that the next iPhone’s new form-factor is mainly about its super-slim structure.

In yet another report, this occasion from 9to5Mac, alleged leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 display panel appear to reveal 2 things about the device – that it will have a bigger display from that of the iPhone 5S and the front panel sides taper in at the edge.



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