SPEEDLINK wireless keyboard with solar power launched

SPEEDLINKWhile wireless gadgets give us plenty of freedom to use them whenever we want, one of the main gripes about them is that they need batteries to function – which indicates you’ll have to change them after awhile or replace them with a cable. Well, SPEEDLINK’s forthcoming wireless keyboard doesn’t have this issue, because of its built-in solar panel.

All you have to do is make sure that the panel isn’t covered and you’re very much good to go – unless you work in the dark perpetually.The solar panel can collect power even when it isn’t placed in direct sunlight/artificial light so you won’t have to work next to a window or right under a lamp. It also features light weight and superb ergonomics with a great quiet key stroke (for those of you who aren’t lovers of noisy key-boards).

Its chiclet-style keys also make it simpler to clean when it gets dirty. The SPEEDLINK wireless key-board with solar panel will go on sale this August with an RRP of €49.99 ($65).

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  • souno

    Very nice and informative post and in this key board the great is its solar panel power.