Special iPad app to be developed for Britain’s PM

DAVID Cameron is having an iPad app designed to help him keep tabs on govt.Cabinet Office officials are developing the ground-breaking software for the PM Apple pc tablet. It will allow him to quickly access the latest data from every department without civil servants’ spin on them. The concept came after Mr Cameron’s advisers took a visit to the United states.

The application, likely to be ready by March, will have a series of reports sources built in – like streams from Sun Online, Twitter and the BBC. It will give the Premier a significant sense of what folks are saying about him. DAVID Cameron rarely goes anyplace without his apple iPad. He’s exposed his present applications include the famous Angry Birds game, along with TuneIn Radio, which gives access to around 50,000 radio stations.

DAVID Cameron is known to watch US dramas Desperate Housewives and The Killing on the touch screen tablet during long-haul trips. Number 10 wouldn’t give a cost for the application yesterday. DAVID Cameron will be the first to have use of it. It will eventually be for use across govt.”

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