Sony to Work on iPhone 6 Front and Rear Cameras?

Sony is presently in discussions with to double the supply of camera parts for the forthcoming iPhone 6. As per Nikkei Asian Review, Sony intends to provide the image sensors for both the front and back cameras on the iPhone 6.


The report added that the talks between Sony and Apple are set to double the quantity of CMOS sensors supplied to Cupertino. Presently, Apple makes use components from other suppliers for the front camera. However, with more customers expected to use smartphones for video calls, Sony is probably the best option of supplier if Apple desires to more enhance the quality of its front camera.

The report cited Techno Systems Research states that “Sony’s image sensor sales, chiefly CMOS sensors, are expected to total about 360 billion yen ($3.47 billion) this fiscal year. It held the largest share of the global CMOS sensor market in 2012 at 32.1%”.  Meanwhile, supposed iPhone 6 pictures that confused a lot of persons and thought that it was the real deal.

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