Solar-powered I-Slate tablets arriving next year

While modern technology is among the factors why our globe is in its present state today, experts are all discovering methods to make things better. One of the methods they’ve been attempting to assist is utilizing technology to go green.

Choosing to begin with the class room, several inventors from all over the world are working jointly to produce solar-powered tablets that try to substitute the using books along with reduce the usage of power produced from non-renewable sources. Called the I-Slate, this pc tablet is made to be used in Indian school rooms that don’t have power. The low-power tablet pcs will be pre-loaded with classes for maths, science, and social studies. Besides training children about the topics, they’ll also be in a position to fix diff iculties on the tablet by writing answers with the help of a stylus.

For topics like maths – they’ll be in a position to get instant opinions about whether they got the answer wrong or right, and tips on how to fix the issue. The I-Slate was launched way back in ’09, but now it seems like they’re nearer to finish. The tablets are planned to hit the generation lines in mid-2012 (let’s only hope Apple won’t have a issue with the tablet’s name). In the mean time kids will carry on to learn the regular way – utilizing books.

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