Skype app releases beta version on Windows Phone

Microsoft has today unveiled that its Skype app is now designed for Windows Phone, as it continues to make sure that its application reaches multiple platforms. Microsoft has made a habit lately of launching apps for Android and iOS, so Windows Phone customers will no doubt be relieved to see their platform get some more application attention from the company.

The application is being launched in beta form initially, and is available to download instantly from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The final ‘gold’ edition of the application will be launched at some point in April, and between now and then. Skype for Windows Phone (Beta) will work both over wi-fi networks and standard 3G and 4G mobile networks.

The Skype application will surely let clients take full benefit of the front facing video cameras on the newest Windows Phone units. Since it’s in beta, you should hope to encounter bugs – but I guess it’s much better than not having Skype at all.

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