Samsung Wants iPhone, iPad Banned in Holland

SamsungThe patent fight between Apple and Samsung expanded yet again today with Samsung submitting lawsuit against Apple in the Holland. As per Nederlander Website, Samsung submitted lawsuit in The Hague, demanding that iPhones and iPads that utilize 3rd generation modern technology be blocked in the Netherlands. The court will handle the case, which covers 4 patents, on Monday, the website mentioned.

In August, the Rechtbank’s-Gravenhage, a court in The Hague, imposed a prohibit on Samsung Galaxy cell phones but not the tablets, at the demand of Apple. The ban will take effect in mid-October.The patent argument between Apple and Samsung started in April, when Apple charged Samsung for copying the look and feel of it’s iPhone and iPad in its main Galaxy S line of products; a lawsuit that was later expanded to include 13 more items, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S 4G, and the Droid Charge.

The fight has now expanded to nearly 24 countries; recently, Samsung charged Apple in France, and the Korean firm is apparently planning to file a suit Apple for infringing wireless patents in the iPhone 5, even though it has not been officially launched.

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