Samsung to make 30-40% of Apple’s upcoming A8 chip

While the newly announced, 64-bit CPU toting iPhone 5s is enjoying its time under the limelight, a report has surfaced, potentially shedding light on the manufacture of Apple’s next-Gen mobile search. As per Korean media, Samsung will manage the making of approximately 30 and 40% of the forthcoming Apple A8 chip which will find a place in future iOS products.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is said to manage the entire chips’ production. Apple reportedly wanted TSMC to manage the whole A8 chip making process. However, the issues linked to the manufacturing of advanced 20nm chips necessitated the involvement of Samsung in the process.

There has been no official verification of any of the parties involved in the agreement. The rumor however, falls in line with earlier reports about Apple’s intent to diversify its chain of vendors.

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