Samsung loses ‘important’ patent decision to Apple in Holland

The Holland is an excellent spot to visit for a vacation, as the environment there looks to be really calm at all times, and it is also among the most liberal cities in Europe.

Well, the Holland is also the lawful battleground for Samsung and Apple, where the latter picked up a success against the former after the court made a decision that Apple emerged the winner regarding a FRAND patent fight.

This has been touted to be essential as well as extremely significant, thinking about this would mean that Samsung can no longer pursue injunctive comfort as long as Apple is open enough to settle a license agreement under FRAND conditions for wireless patents.

Apart from that, Samsung also is not able to assert its 3G/UMTS wireless patents against Apple’s iPhone 4S because of “patent exhaustion”. Maybe this might only signal the close of a part in the long patent battle book between Apple and Samsung around the world.

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