Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sells 5 Million Units In 4 Weeks

As per JK Shin, Samsung Mobile’s President and CEO, Samsung have been able to sell 5 million Galaxy Note 3 models in just 4 weeks. In contrast, LG expectations that it will try to sell 3 million LG G2s by the end of the year.

Galaxy Note 3

As with the Galaxy S series, the Note line-up is doing much better with each new launch. The initial Galaxy Note has reached the 5 million mark in over 5 months, and it took a little over 8 weeks for the Note 2 to surpass this figure.

As yet, Samsung has been able to sell over 40 million Note and Note 2 models globally, with the initial model representing one quarter of this figure. Quite simply, the Note 3 has been able to reach 50 % the total sales of the OG Note (since 2011) in only 4 weeks.

Really remarkable to say the least, and it sure looks like Samsung is gradually overtaking the mobile world.

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