Samsung Defeats Apple to Become Top Cell phone Maker

Samsung is now the globe leader in mobile phones — taking almost a quarter of the share of the market and defeating out Apple and Nokia, a study mentioned currently.

Strategy Analytics, a British based research company, announced that the South Korean Samsung produced 27.8 million mobile phones from July through September, taking 23.8 % of the mobile phone market, as per Bloomberg Businessweek. Apple had 17.1 million deliveries, or 14.6 % of the market, while Nokia decreased to 3rd at 14.4 %. From the survey:

In the worldwide cell phone market, which includes the lower-cost feature cell phones, Nokia is still the top, but Samsung is speedily increasing on its lead in 2nd place. LG is 3rd. Apple has never developed a feature phone.

The report, which indicates both Samsung and Apple fighting in the worldwide mobile phone race, may explain why both firms seem to be duking it out in court, both sides saying the other is infringing on their patent and seeking to put an injunction on advertising each other’s gadget. There is a lot at stake in the growing mobile phone industry.

But there is also something else. Is it an unexpected that Apple is rumored to be making a tv, and that the No. 1 leader in tv sets is . . . Samsung? You are right, it’s possibly only a coincidence.

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