Samsung Could Be Planning To Waterproof Future Smartphones

Water-resistant devices look to be the “in” thing this year, what with the Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 both offering water-resistant abilities, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which provided up similar safety also.


Given this kind of devices might have a niche viewers, as in those who need such durability and safety, but it looks that this kind of devices have been selling well enough for Samsung to consider rolling out more similar products later on. This is as per a report from South Korea who says that there has been a favorable react to the Galaxy S4 Active and that Samsung is now thinking about more water-resistant devices, and that a Galaxy Note 3 model might be one of them.

It is also feasible for Samsung could do away with the waterproof options and just add such safety to future smartphones and that it could start with 2014’s Galaxy S5.

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